About Trivett

Trivett is Australia's largest prestige automotive group and the retail unit of Inchcape Australia. Trivett represent 15 automotive brands including a majority of the world's most esteemed marques. Trivett has 31 dealerships across Australia, employing over 1,200 people and selling over 31,000 vehicles annually.

Trivett takes great pride in offering professional and reputable service in an enjoyable and relaxed shopping experience with coffee bars, wireless internet access and concierge services. Trivett's highly knowledgeable and reputable staff are able to match a vehicle to your needs and offer a complete range of services to meet all your motoring requirements.

Working with us

Find a role that works for you, that DRIVES you each and every day. Join a company that develops your career, supports your growth and provides you an environment where you can be the best you can be.

Please see our current vacancies on the right hand side of the page. We welcome your application and look forward to hearing from you.

Employee Benefits

Helping you live well, work well.

We provide staff with a range of benefits to support them to live well and work well.

We care about our people and their families and want to look after their physical and financial health as well as their well being whether at work or home.

When you make a commitment to us and we want to make a commitment to you and your family to supporting you to live well and work well.

There are many great benefits of working with us and we continually work with our people to identify and provide benefits that will help all our team members.

Our Values

Our customer is at the centre of everything we do. We strive to be the most trusted automotive retailer and distributor. In striving to achieve this our Performance Drivers are;

I am accountable

Delivering great performance is a critical and valued strength for Inchcape. As we grow and change we must maintain the focus on delivery and continue to hold ourselves and others accountable for what we deliver and the business outcomes we generate.

For every one of us this means; making the decisions that are ours to make; being willing to follow decisions made by others; always delivering - ‘no surprises’, ‘no excuses’ and never falling below our high standards; relentlessly focused on the quality and value of outcomes we deliver.

I Win Customer Trust and Loyalty

Our aspiration is to build lifelong relationships with our customers – so that they become advocates for Inchcape and return to us time after time and for all their automotive needs.

To do this, we must go beyond ‘making the sale’ and delivering faultless service, to building trust, by delivering a compelling customer experience … delighting our customers whenever and however they come into contact with us.

The behaviours described here apply to every one of us - whether your customers are your internal colleagues, the people you work with, our OEM/Brand Partners or the people who visit us on-line and in person.

I look ahead

In a fast moving world, we must continuously look for new ways to stay ahead of our competitors.

Innovating to unlock new business opportunities and continuously improving our business is vital to our continued success. We need to be imaginative and think beyond the norm.

Our willingness to embrace change, to learn from our successes and our mistakes is important for our own personal development as well as the future success of Inchcape.

I collaborate

We have declared our ambition to be the partner of choice for OEMs.

This means nurturing strong, mutually beneficial, relationships at all levels.

A partner of choice works collaboratively to add value ….beyond delivering commercial results.

Becoming brilliant collaborators starts from within us. Working collaboratively with colleagues (often across organisational and geographic boundaries) to pool our ideas, solve common problems together and share our knowledge will make us a stronger and more successful business.

At the heart of great collaboration is good listening, openness (humility
and respect)
and clear communication; to build strong and trusting relationships.

I lead the way for others

In great organisations, leadership can be seen at all levels.

Every one of us can be a role model for others by having the courage to do the right thing, behaving in the right way and staying true to our values.

Continuing to build the talent that we need for the future means being led by leaders who share and celebrate success, genuinely care about our development and who support and help us to fulfil our potential

Ensuring that we are all pulling together, and pulling in the right direction starts with senior leaders translating our strategy into meaningful actions, priorities and plans.

Our Retail Brand Partners

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